City of Akron to Begin Installing Speed Tables and Solar Speed Signs Throughout the City

Akron, Ohio, May 6, 2024  — This month, the City of Akron will begin installing 30 temporary speed tables and 40 more solar speed limit signs throughout the city to mitigate speeding in residential neighborhoods. The city is also piloting one permanent speed table location on Maple Street in Ward 1. Click here for a map of speed table locations.

“Speeding is consistently ranked as one of the number one concerns of Akron residents in their neighborhoods,” said Mayor Malik. “This year, we are doing more than ever to tackle speeding with a total of 80 solar speed limit signs, 30 temporary speed tables, and for the first time, a permanent speed table location. We are also pursuing Federal funding for the Safe Streets 4 All Program which would further allow us to address safety concerns on Akron’s streets. Safety will always be our number one priority and addressing speeding is just one way we are tackling this concern.”

Speed tables are raised areas placed at mid-block points across roadways and are designed to limit the speed at which vehicles travel. Unlike speed bumps, tables have tapered ends and long flat tops to accommodate the entire wheelbase of most passenger cars. Akron’s tables consist of interlocking pieces made from recycled rubberized material and will be bolted and glued into place on street surfaces. The city has been placing temporary tables in residential neighborhoods since 2020 and has seen an overall reduction in speeding on these streets when the tables are present with an average decrease of 3-6 The city received over 600 requests for traffic calming last year.

In addition to speed tables, the city is also installing more solar speed limit signs throughout the city. There are already 40 in place and 40 more will be installed throughout the next month. These signs flash a driver’s speed to them with a reminder of the residential speed limit. They are also collecting speed data as cars pass, and this data helps city engineers determine which streets may need further intervention.

Locations for tables and signs were selected based on resident requests, appropriateness of streets, and coordination with City Council, City departments and roadway users such as METRO RTA and Akron Public Schools.

Streets that will receive a speed table this year include: Maple St. in Ward 1 is getting a permanent speed table this year. Temporary speed tables include: Hall St. and Kuder Ave. in Ward 1; Chapman Dr. (2) in Ward 2;  Thornton St. (2) in Ward 3; Elmdale Ave. (2) in Ward 4; Clark St. (2) and Lover's Lane (2) in Ward 5; Shelburn Ave. (2) and Alaho St. (2) in Ward 6; Hammel St. (2) in Ward 7; Winhurst Dr. (2) and N. Pershing Ave. (2) in Ward 8; Battles Ave., 12th St., and 6th St. (2) in Ward 9; and Wyandot Ave., Mohawk Ave, and Goodview Ave. (2) in Ward 10.

Signage will be posted to alert drivers to the speed tables and postcards have been sent out to residents on each street. Temporary locations will be installed throughout the next month and will remain until the fall when they will be removed. The permanent location will remain.

Streets that already have solar speed limit signs include: Aqueduct St. (2) and N Rose Blvd. (2) in Ward 1; Gorge Blvd. (2) and Dayton St. (2) in Ward 2; Princeton St. (2) and Raymond St. (2) in Ward 3; Dorchester Rd. (2) and Hartford Ave. (2) in Ward 4; Kelly Ave. (2) and N Howard St. (2) in Ward 5; Hilbish Ave. (2) and Cramer Ave. (2) in Ward 6; E Archwood Ave. (2) and S Firestone Blvd. (2) in Ward 7; Thurmont Rd. (2) and N Portage Path (2) in Ward 8; Carey Ave. (2) and 13th St. SW (2) in Ward 9; Congo St. (2) and Ruckel Rd. (2) in Ward 10.

Streets that will be getting solar speed limit signs include: Crosby St. (2) and Edgerton Rd. (2) in Ward 1; Fouse Ave. (2) and Breiding Rd. (2) in Ward 2; Kenmore Blvd. (2) and Cedar and Exchange St. in Ward 3; S Rose Blvd. (2) and Delia Ave. (2) in Ward 4; Johnston St. (2) and South St. (2) in Ward 5; Albrecht Ave. (2) and George Washington Blvd. (2) in Ward 6; Thornapple Ave. (2) and Cole Ave. (2) in Ward 7; Sand Run Rd. (2) and Merriman Rd. (2) in Ward 8; East Ave. (2) and Hancock Ave. (2) in Ward 9; Newton St. (2) and Tonawanda Ave. (2) in Ward 10.

If you have a street you would like to have considered for the Traffic Calming Program, please visit this link: If you’d like to provide feedback on an existing location, take the survey here. For more information, please click here.