Information Technology


The City of Akron Information Technology Division is responsible for administration of infrastructure and enterprise systems to support the efficiency and effectiveness of all City Departments.

Our mission is to serve the City of Akron by leading the city in improving efficiency and effectiveness utilizing industry leading technology deployments. We believe that the enterprise systems, infrastructure, business processes and security we support provide the citizens of Akron with the high level of service they expect. The team takes pride in that every technology decision made is with a focus on effectiveness, security, use case saturation and fiscal responsibility. 

Contact: 330-375-2311

Service Desk

The team is the front line for the support of all IT operations at the City of Akron.  They personally ensure that every employee receives the technical readiness necessary to ensure Akron’s operations.

Systems & Infrastructure

The Team is responsible for the design, governance and physical and cyber security of the networking and IT infrastructure that is the life blood of daily operations for City services. If there is a heart to the City’s technology it is this team's responsibility to secure, protect and expand for the greater need of Akron.

Applications & Data Science

The team is responsibility is to be the stewards of the City’s data, enterprise systems, reporting and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). From permits to payroll, we support the growth of the City’s operations.


  • GIS develops and maintains geospatial datasets and applications serving the City of Akron in order to provide operational support, data analysis and mapping needs to various departments and the public. In addition, the department produces maps for various departments across the city, creates and maintains GIS base map layers and special GIS layers for many City departments and partners. 

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The Team is responsible for all telecommunications, video cameras, radio, vehicle upfitting and fiber optic infrastructure utilized to support the business needs of the City of Akron. If employees need to communicate by voice, air waves or data they are ready to implement the foundation.