Water Supply Bureau

The Akron Water Supply Bureau is responsible for providing an ample supply of high-quality drinking water to approximately 300,000 customers, while striving to meet or exceed all EPA regulatory requirements.

For over 100 years Akron Water Supply has accomplished this mission through stewardship and protection of over 20,000 acres of the Akron Water Supply Watershed on the upper Cuyahoga river, treatment of over 35 million gallons a day (MGD) through the operation of the Class IV Water Treatment Plant, and maintaining over 1,225 miles of water mains for all City of Akron residents and surrounding communities.

Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

This report has information about the source and quality of your drinking water. A paper copy is available upon request by calling: (330) 375-2748.

2022 CCR

Previous reports are available on the Reports page.

Lead & Corrosion Control

Akron has been testing its water for lead at customers’ taps since 1992 when the new lead regulations began.  Akron water has always tested to be within the EPA limit. Learn more on our Lead Mitigation page.