Ward 2

Ward 2 - CopyWard 2 encompasses most of Akron’s Chapel Hill neighborhood and North Hill which has become one of the city’s most racially and ethnically diverse communities. In the past, North Hill welcomed an influx of Italian immigrants and today is still welcoming immigrants from Nepal and Bhutan. All these cultures influence the variety of different cuisines you can find in North Hill. Grab an Italian dish at Dontino’s or get a taste of authentic Nepalese at the Nepali Kitchen.

Not only does Ward 2 welcome many different cultures and people, it also is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. The West is bordered by Cascade Valley Metro Park which is home to the historic Signal Tree. To the North, Ward 2 is bordered by the Cuyahoga River with panoramic views from Gorge Metro Park. If you visit Ward 2, grab a bite at one of the great restaurants or enjoy the greenery within the Metro Parks!

The Ward 2 councilperson is Phil Lombardo. You can find his contact info here.

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