High School Intern Program

In partnership with Akron Public Schools (APS), the City of Akron provides paid internship opportunities to APS students during their senior year of High School. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in an APS career pathway such as Construction, Automotive, Masonry, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), or Project Lead the Way Engineering. The available internships focus on Industrial Technology and Utilities. Students spend their school day between classes and gaining hands-on paid experience in a city division related to their chosen career pathway. The participating city divisions include Communications, Motor Equipment, Building Maintenance, Highway Maintenance, Water Plant, Water Distribution, Sewer Maintenance, and Water Reclamation. This program aims to prepare students for entry-level positions within the City of Akron workforce, providing valuable career opportunities for future Akron High School Graduates.

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High School Intern Program FAQ's

What is the City of Akron High School Internship Program?
Which APS pathways are eligible to participate in the internship program?
What internship positions are available?
What location will the high school intern be working at?
How can I apply for the High School Internship Program?
What are the minimum qualifications for the Utilities and Industrial Technology Internships?
What is the interview process?
How should I prepare for my interview?
Is a job with the City of Akron guaranteed once I graduate high school and complete the internship?
Can I visit one of the work sites for a tour?
Who should I contact for questions about the program, the application process, or my application status?