Integrated Development

Vision and Mission 

The City of Akron Office of Integrated Development is committed to co-creating, with residents and businesses, a community that is healthy, equitable, beautiful, and resilient. 

Our team does this with clarity of process, transparent communications, data-driven strategy, and a culture of learning and creativity. 

Our goal is to embrace Akron’s history and steward that legacy. 

Strategic Framework 

In 2019, OID released its five year Strategic Framework, which is available here. The strategic framework outlines ten core values: Equity; Community-Focused; Stewarding Our Legacy; Deliver on Promises; Be Strategic; Clarity of Process; Transparent Communications; Beauty as a Basic Right; Culture of Learning & Creativity; and Effectively Managing Partners.  

OID frames its work around five key goals – Advance the vision to make Downtown Akron a fully functioning 24-hour neighborhood for all Akronites and visitors; Advance the successful implementation of the Elevate Greater Akron plan; Advance strategic place-making and place-keeping policies, plans, and practices to enhance the livability of Akron’s neighborhoods; Create a culture of learning and leveraging skillsets to advance the OID mission; and Develop and implement policy to support a more equitable Akron.  

For more information on the OID goals, please follow the link to the: 

OID Strategic Framework 

OID’s portfolio of projects will build upon existing strategies including Elevate Greater Akron, the Downtown Vision and Redevelopment Plan, and Planning to Grow Akron.