City Hall

The City of Akron’s governmental structure is outlined in the City Charter and is comprised of 3 branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The City Charter has been approved and is periodically amended by voters in the City of Akron 

Executive Branch 

The Mayor serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Akron, and they appoint Cabinet members and direct City Departments. Additionally, they are responsible for enforcing ordinances and laws of the City of Akron. The Mayor also appoints members to Akon’s various Board and Commissions 

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Legislative Branch 

Legislation is reviewed and voted on by Akron City Council. The City’s Council is comprised of 10 Ward Representatives, and 3 At-Large members. City Council also approves or denies all financial expenditures. Each council member holds regular Ward meetings, and citizens are encouraged to attend City Council meetings and ensure their voices are heard.  

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Judicial Branch

The Akron Municipal Court serves the cities of Akron and Fairlawn; the townships of Bath, Richfield and Springfield; the Villages of Lakemore and Richfield; and that part of Mogadore in Summit County, Ohio.

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