Technical Services Division


The need to continue to maintain, replace, and upgrade critical components within the Akron Public Water System is necessary while trying to investigate technological advances to improve the system as a whole.
The Water Supply Bureau Technical Services Division has the responsibility of spearheading this effort and carrying out numerous tasks critical to the operation, maintenance, and sustainability of the Water System.  Work includes managing short and long term budgeting and planning of Capital Improvements, providing daily support and technical expertise to the Distribution, Water Plant, and Watershed divisions, obtaining federal and state funds for Water Supply projects, Contractor inspections, Contract administration, ensuring meters and backflow prevention assemblies are properly installed on water connections, continued monitoring of billing and backflow prevention databases for accuracy, and for correct reporting to OEPA on backflow compliance.
If you are a Developer, Contractor, Consultant, Property Owner looking for the latest reference material relating to Akron Water Supply Bureau water mains and extensions, water services, backflow prevention, construction projects, capital projects, please visit the links below:


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