Lead Mitigation

Akron has been testing its water for lead at customers’ taps since 1992 when the new lead regulations began.  Akron water has always tested to be within the EPA limit.
apub_300pAkron provides water to the City of Stow and the City of Tallmadge. 

Stow and Tallmadge have also been testing since the regulation began and their results have always been within the EPA limit.

Our Mission

To deliver to the public an ample supply of high quality water that exceeds all regulatory requirements now and in the future.

Lead Line Replacement and Lead Mitigation

For many years, the City of Akron has worked diligently to replace the lead lines throughout the city. Due to these efforts, as of May 2024, there are only approximately 1,970 active lead services still remaining in Akron’s distribution system. The City aims to be lead-free by 2027. Please see the map below for all active lines as mapped by the city. 

Lead Mitigation

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