City of Akron Offering Engagement Opportunities for Future of Middlebury Waste Transfer Station

Akron, Ohio, June 14, 2024  — Today, the City of Akron is sharing upcoming community engagement opportunities relating to the future of the Middlebury Waste Transfer Station. Waste Management, Inc. is pursuing the development of a state-of-the-art waste transfer facility at 1400 East Archwood Avenue that would replace both the waste transfer station at 389 Fountain Street in Middlebury and the Akron Greenstar recycling facility at 1535 Exeter Road in East Akron. The City of Akron, which contracts with Waste Management for waste transfer services, is working with Waste Management to provide residents with opportunities to hear about these plans, ask questions, and offer input.  

“Determining the future of the Middlebury Waste Transfer Station has been a priority for my administration, and I’m pleased to work with Waste Management as we engage our residents on the future plans,” said Mayor Malik. “This is a process happening hand in hand with the communities most impacted, and we are taking our time and listening to our residents. I look forward to the conversations to come with all those involved.”  

The building that houses Waste Management’s waste transfer operations on Fountain Street was built back in the 1970s and was sited approximately 50 feet away from the nearest residential homes. The age of the Fountain Street facility, the limited size of the parcel, and its proximity to Middlebury residents’ homes has long been a critical concern for the neighborhood.  

The more modern facility that Waste Management is pursuing for 1400 East Archwood would be considerably further from residents’ homes, within an industrial and commercial zone, and on a much larger parcel of land. The city administration has been engaging with members of the Middlebury community about Waste Management’s plans for this new waste transfer station to supplant the Fountain Street facility. City representatives have met with members of Families Against City Transfer Stations (FACTS), The Well Community Development Corporation, Neighborhood Network, and the residents of Bettie Street who have been involved and active for many years in advocating for relocation of the Fountain Street facility.  

Because waste transfer stations require zoning review and approval by the City of Akron, Waste Management must apply for this approval for the East Archwood property. That matter is expected to be on the agenda for the July 12 Planning Commission – 9:00am on the third floor of Akron City Hall (166 S. High Street). The zoning change will then be reviewed by City Council in the fall. 

Mayor Malik’s administration is continuously seeking to create a city government that is more open, responsive, and inclusive of resident voices. In alignment with that commitment, Mayor Malik’s administration is creating space in advance of Planning Commission for residents to learn about this important project, ask questions, and offer input. We invite community members to join us at the following engagement options: 

  • June 18, 12:30pm, Goodyear Branch Library, 60 Goodyear Blvd.
    • Hosted by Ward 10 City Council member Sharon Connor and Ward 5 City Council member Johnnie Hannah. 
  • June 18, 6:00pm, Goodyear Branch Library, 60 Goodyear Blvd.
    • Hosted by Ward 10 City Council member Sharon Connor and Ward 5 City Council member Johnnie Hannah. 
  • June 20, 6:00pm, Robert J. Otterman Ellet Community Center, 2449 Wedgewood Dr.
    • Hosted by Ward 6 City Council member Brad McKitrick and Ward 5 City Council member Johnnie Hannah. 
  • July 12, 9:00am, City Hall, 166 South High Street, 3rd Floor
    • City of Akron Planning Commission meeting.

City representatives are going door to door this weekend in the East Akron neighborhood where Waste Management is proposing to build the new waste transfer station in order to make sure neighbors know about these upcoming engagement opportunities. 

In addition, the City of Akron and Waste Management are coordinating site tours of Waste Management’s Oakwood facility to show stakeholders what a modern waste transfer station looks like and provide opportunity for resident questions. Members of the community and some city staff attended a tour together this week. There will be another public tour on July 9 at 6:00pm. Those interested in attending can reach out to to sign up.  

Comments, feedback, and questions can be sent to, or to Mayor Malik at and to our Director of Sustainability and Resiliency, Casey Shevlin, at  

Stephanie Marsh, Director of Communications or 330-256-1191