Akron Fire Department Receives EMS Star of Life Award

Akron, Ohio, May 31, 2024  — Last week, the Akron Fire Department (Crews from Medic 13 and Engine 8) were awarded the prestigious EMS Star of Life Award. These annual awards are presented by the Ohio Chapter of American College of Emergency Physicians, the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services, and the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Medical Services. This award recognizes an EMS agency for remarkable life-saving efforts and exceptional care performed during an emergency medical call. Out of the many thousands of EMS responses during 2023, only nine incidents were chosen to receive this award.

In August 2023, Medic 13 and Engine 8 responded to a motorcycle accident in which the injured motorist had no helmet and received life-threatening injuries. Within 6 minutes of arrival, they had the patient stabilized, packaged, and ready for immediate transport. The patient was in surgery within an hour to receive life-saving surgical procedures.  The actions of AFD saved the life of the injured motorist who is continuing on the road to recovery.  

“I’m incredibly proud of this honor for our crews,” said Acting Chief Steven Kaut. “It is a huge accomplishment and a welcome recognition of the work our firefighter/EMTs do on a daily basis. Their efforts undoubtedly saved this patient’s life, and their skills, effort, and expertise were on full display during this incident.”

The following individuals from the Akron Fire Department were recognized:

Lt. Eric Carpenter

Lt. David Ewers

FF/Paramedic Marcus Wagner

FF/EMT Justin Kelly

FF/EMT Wayne Turley

To learn more about the award click here.