Mayor Malik Presents 2024 Operating Budget

Mayor Malik Presents 2024 Operating Budget 
Outlines $815 million in investments 

Akron, Ohio, March 11, 2024  — Today, Akron Mayor Shammas Malik is presenting his proposed 2024 operating budget to Akron City Council. The budget outlines $815 million in investments, with 69% of general fund expenditures going towards staffing. This year’s budget focuses on Mayor Malik’s main priorities with an emphasis on public safety, realigning the Mayor’s office with strategic personnel decisions, and investing in community initiatives around education, economic development, and more. This budget allocates for the highest number of uniformed police officers and firefighters in over 20 years. View the proposed budget overview here. For the full executive summary click here 

“I’m proud to present the 2024 operating budget to city council and our residents,” said Mayor Malik. “One of my top priorities is building a team that can lead Akron to reach our full potential. I’m pleased to announce that this year’s budget invests heavily in that team by budgeting for 2,055 full time employees including 488 uniformed Police Officers and 402 uniformed Firefighter/medics. In addition to public safety and personnel, we are going to fund more opportunities for our youth as a key partner in the Youth Success Summit, invest in the launch of the THRIVE program which supports small businesses with a focus on Black-owned businesses, and continue to invest in our American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) initiatives. I look forward to engaging with our residents and councilmembers on this year’s proposed budget.”  


Highlights of the 2024 operating budget include:  


Promoting safety as the first priority 
  • Prioritizes police and fire hiring. 
    • Hiring classes for both Police and Fire in 2024.  
    • Budgeting for 488 uniformed Police Officers which is the highest level in at least 20 years. 
    • Budgeting for 402 uniformed Firefighter/medics which is the highest level in 30 years. 
  • Allocates $1.2 million to violence intervention and prevention funding through American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).  
  • New roles to focus on retention and recruitment of safety forces and emergency management.  
Realigning the mayor’s office by creating new strategy team and discontinuing some prior roles 
  • Important part of Mayor’s Together For Akron vision of a city government that is more strategic and more collaborative across safety, education, economic development, health, housing, environment, and more.  
  • New roles around Public Engagement and Data and Transparency will help improve the way city government interacts with the public, building trust and promoting community.  
  • Building out the Office of Sustainability and Resiliency by adding Environmental and Policy Specialist and building out office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by adding a Cultural Engagement Coordinator and Diversity Supplier and Contract Compliance officer.   
Prioritizing strategic initiatives 
  • Investing $500,000 to support youth out of school time opportunities as a key partner with Youth Success Summit. 
  • Investing $750,000 to launch the THRIVE program for small business support with a focus on Black-owned businesses. 
  • Investing $250,000 to support planning for the city’s Bicentennial celebration.  
Investing in personnel and staffing  
  • 69% of the general fund expenditures are allocated to labor costs.  
  • Public Service 
    • Hiring 6 people to assist with the city’s water meter project. 
    • Hiring 1 landscape technician to assist with the city’s ACORN project and 2 landscapers for downtown Akron.  
  • Akron Municipal Court 
    • Adding a mediator for the Municipal Court.  
    • Adding a housing specialist for the Municipal Court.  
  • Akron City Council  
    • Hiring a legislative and public policy specialist.  
    • Hiring a Council Community Liaison. 
  • Budgeting for 2,055 full time employees, up from 2,019.  
    • Adding 8 net new appointed positions.   
Focuses on ARPA expenditures 
  • Investing $7.5M into the water main replacement program.  
  • $2M of ARPA allotted for lead services replacement. After this year’s program, the city will only have 1,000 lead service lines remaining.  
  • $28.9M investment into parks and public spaces including: 
    • Ed Davis Community Center 
    • Joy Park Walking Path 
    • Lock 3 Vision Plan 
    • Patterson Park Community Center 
    • Perkins Pool Reconstruction 
    • Reservoir Park Community Center 
    • Reservoir Pool Reconstruction 
    • Rubber City Heritage Trail 
    • Summit Lake Vision Plan 
  • $7.5M towards housing rehab and supporting CDCs 

The city will host a community townhall to present this budget to Akron residents and allow for Q&A. The townhall will be on Wednesday, March 20 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Firestone Community Learning Center (470 Castle Blvd). 

Residents can also share their feedback or ask questions by visiting our engage page here.  

Budget hearings will take place before City Council this week. The meetings will be livestreamed on Council’s YouTube page here. See below for the full schedule:  


Monday, March 11 -  3:00 PM 

  • Introduction and Overview 

Tuesday, March 12 - 3:00 PM 

  • Mayor's Office 
  • Economic Development 
  • Planning 
  • Citizens' Police Oversight Board 
  • Public Safety 
  • Fire 
  • Police 

Wednesday, March 13 - 3:00 PM 

  • Legislative 
  • Municipal Court - Judges 
  • Municipal Court - Clerk 
  • Human Resources 
  • Neighborhood Services 
  • Public Service 

Thursday, March, 14 - 3:00 PM 

  • Law 

Stephanie Marsh, Director of Communications