Police Towing Review Board

The Police Towing Review Board reviews the performance and overall operation of the police towing companies authorized by City Council in the city code.

This Board insures the police towing companies are inspected annually, and may impose fines or suspensions for companies that violate the applicable regulations listed in A.C.O. 70.57.  The Board reviews the performance and overall operation of authorized police towing companies relating to quality of service, damage to impounded vehicles, police policies, or any other conflicts or questions which may arise with regard to the operations of the police towing companies. The  Board is also authorized to impose fines and suspend licenses.

The Police Towing Review Board shall be composed of the Mayor or their designee, who shall act as chairman, the Chief of Police or their designee, the Chairperson of the Public Safety Committee of City Council or their designee, the Service Director or their designee, the Clerk of Courts or their designee, the towing companies' designee, and two citizen representatives whose membership shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of City Council.

Questions can be directed to the Akron Police Department non-emergency number at 330-375-2552.


Current Board Members