Complete, Livable and Green Streets Advisory Commission

There is established the CompleteLivableand Green Streets Advisory Commission (the "Complete Streets Commission") to create a CompleteLivableand Green Streets Plan, which shall promote the design of streets and other related transportation corridors in an attempt to incorporate best practices in transportation design, environmental stewardship, and maintenance. The Complete Streets Commission shall consist of seven members which shall include: the Director of the Department of Planning and Urban Development, or his/her designee; the Director of the Department of Public Service, or his/her designee; two members of the Akron City Council, who shall be appointed by the Mayor and approved by Council; and three members of the public at large, who shall be residents of the City of Akron appointed by the Mayor and approved by Council. All of the residents representing the public at large serving on the Complete Streets Commission shall have demonstrated public interest and civic engagement, experience or knowledge in planning/urban development or green infrastructure, or shall have obtained a specialized degree or degrees in engineering, planning, or a similar field.

The Complete Streets Commission shall consult in the development, implementation, and operation of a comprehensive complete, livable, and green streets plan/strategy. See all duties here


Current Commission Members