Commissioner of Public Utilities

The City's Commissioner of Public Utilities is responsible for overseeing the city's utility aggregation programs. 

Other duties of the commissioner include keeping a record of all franchises, renewals and extensions granted by the City; to make, whenever necessary, physical valuation of the plants and equipment of all public utilities except municipally owned utilities and to keep continuous records of all additions or extensions to such plants and equipment of said utilities, whether operating under a franchise or otherwise; to make continuous note of the character of service and equipment of all public utilities operating in the City except municipally owned utilities, and to make reports and recommendations thereon to the Council; provided, however, the said Commissioner of Public Utilities may investigate the accounts, records, operations and service of municipally owned utilities when specifically requested to make such investigation by the Mayor, and in such event shall transmit his findings to the Mayor; to hear and investigate complaints concerning said public utilities, and report thereon to the Council; to represent the City in hearings before the State Public Utilities Commission; and to submit to the Council or any other city department upon request such reports, advice, suggestions or recommendations in connection with public utilities as will conduce to the public welfare.

The City of Akron’s Natural Gas & Electricity Aggregation Program

 The City of Akron has provided its residents with an aggregation program for both natural gas and electricity for several years to provide its residents with an option to purchase natural gas & electricity through a large purchasing agreement. Any Akron resident that is not under a current contract to purchase their natural gas or electricity from a supplier or is not covered under the State of Ohio’s PIPP (Partial Income Payment Plan) is eligible to participate.  The city normally negotiates a fixed rate for 3 or 4 yrs. under these programs.  During the renewal period residents currently enrolled on one or both program(s) will receive a card in the mail telling them that the current program is ending and what the new rate will be. Residents wishing to stay in the program are required to do nothing and will be automatically reenrolled in the program. Residents wishing to get out of the program or not be enrolled are asked to mark the card asking to not to be enrolled and mail the card back in, contact the gas or electric supplier by toll free phone or email stating that they wish to not to enroll in the program.  Residents in either of the City’s aggregation programs can leave the program at any time by contacting the supplier and requesting them to terminate their contract at no cost. The Resident will then be switched back to the natural or electric company’s standard rate program. The resident can then choose to switch to a new gas or electric supplier of their choice if they choose to.



The City of Akron’s electric Aggregation Supplier is Energy Harbors located in Akron Ohio.   The current aggregation rate is 4.97¢/ KWH fixed thru May 2025. The electric rate is available to residents and small commercial businesses located in Akron.

To join the program, residents can call Energy Harbors at (1-888-254-6359) to enroll in the program or to leave the program.  Residents calling Energy Harbors will need a copy of their current electric bill when they contact Energy Harbors to provide Energy Harbors with their correct billing information. 


The City of Akron’s Natural gas aggregation supplier is Constellation Energy. Their price is $4.06/ MCF fixed through Nov. 2024.  Small commercial businesses with a natural gas usage of less than 500 MCF per yr. are also eligible to join the program. Residents not currently in the City’s natural gas aggregation can join at any time by calling Constellation at any time at 833-500-2738. You will need your natural gas bill with you when you contact them. If you have any questions on the natural gas aggregation program please contact Thomas Bellish, Buckeye Energy Brokers at 1-866-302-2237.  Buckeye Energy Brokers administers the City of Akron’s natural gas aggregation program.

Other questions regarding the natural gas or electric aggregation program can be answered by calling the City’s 311 call center or by contacting Thomas F. Smith, at 330-375-2965.


Current Public Utilities Commissioner