Citizens' Police Oversight Board

The Citizens' Police Oversight Board (CPOB) is composed of nine residents of Akron, Ohio. Three members are appointed by the mayor with the approval of the City Council, and the other six are appointed by a two-thirds majority vote of the City Council. Furthermore, no more than two members can come from the same ward.

The Citizens' Police Oversight Board (CPOB) oversees the Office of the Independent Police Auditor (OIPA) as well. The OIPA consists of three full-time staff members: the Independent Police Auditor, the Deputy Independent Police Auditor, and an Administrative Assistant. The OIPA conducts external and independent review of police practices in Akron, Ohio.

Read the charter language here for all duties and responsibilities of the Board.

Members of the Board: 
Chair, Kemp Boyd -
Vice-Chair, Donzella Anuszkiewicz -
Cati Castle -
Brandyn Costa -
Robert Gippin -
Shawn Peoples -
Beverly Richards -
Ericka Burney-Hawkins -

**To reach all board members, please email 

Contact information for Independent Police Auditor Office:
Anthony Finnell
172 S. Broadway, Suite 207
Akron, OH 44308
phone:  330-375-2705

Full board meetings take place at Akron City Hall (166 S. High St. Akron, OH 44308) in the City Council Chambers (3rd floor) every other Wednesday at 6pm.

The upcoming Citizens' Police Oversight Board Meeting is scheduled for 07/24/2024. These meetings are publicly accessible and feature a period for public comments. Attendance in person is required to make a public comment. The meetings are livestreamed on the City's YouTube page.  For the latest meeting click below on the video.

CPOB Meeting 07/10/2024

Upcoming Events

Citizens' Police Oversight Board Governance Committee will hold a meeting on Tuesday, July 16, 2024, at 5:30 pm. Northwest Akron Branch Library, 1720 Shatto Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44313.

Join a celebration that unites neighbors and safety personnel in a positive setting for National Night Out on August 6, 2024. This event will be held at multiple community centers across Akron. For more information, please reach out to The Mayor's Action Line at 330-375-2311.

Recent Updates from the Citizens' Police Oversight Board and the Office of Independent Police Auditor

The Citizens' Police Oversight Board has welcomed Crystal Jones as a newly appointed CPOB member. 

CPOB Member Tristan Reed has declared her resignation from the Citizens' Police Oversight Board, effective May 29, 2024. We extend our gratitude to Mrs. Reed for her unwavering commitment and service to the Citizens' Police Oversight Board and to the community of Akron, Ohio. Her valuable contributions and perspectives have been instrumental in establishing the foundation of the Citizens' Police Oversight Board. We wish her success in all her future pursuits!
CPOB approves statement of the Jayland Walker internal investigation during 11/29/2023 board meeting. Click here to read the released statement.

CPOB and OIPA releases statement on officer involved shooting that occurred April 1, 2024.

“The Citizens Police Oversight Board is deeply saddened by the recent shooting incident involving a 15-year-old male. While we are relieved to know that his injuries are not life-threatening; a family from our community and the neighborhood where this happened are dealing with the trauma of having this occur where they live and where children play. An Akron police officer is also left dealing with the traumatic impact of having used deadly force.” 

OIPA releases Use of Force Audit Report for case 2024-003974 involving APD Officer Shoemaker.  Click here to read the Audit Report.

OIPA releases Use of Force Audit Report for case 2024-00024315 involving former APD Officer Westlake.  Click here to read the Audit Report.

OIPA releases Use of Force Audit Report for case 2023-00130948 involving APD Officer Connon.  Click here to read the Audit Report.


Subcommittee Meeting Notices

Human Resource Management Subcommittee
Governance Subcommittee
Community Engagement Subcommittee
Budget and Finance Subcommittee
Review Subcommittee


To view the Agendas for the Citizens Police Oversight Board Meetings as well as the agendas for the subcommittee meetings, click the button below: 


To view the Minutes from the meetings please click the button below: 


Filing A Citizen Complaint

The Akron Police Department's policy is to accept and review all citizen complaints concerning police services, policies, procedures, or personnel. The citizen complaint process is open to anyone who suspects that Akron Police personnel may have acted in a manner contrary to their rules, the law, or a citizen's rights. Ensuring a fair, factual, and objective investigation of complaints is a top priority.

How to File a Complaint

Should you suspect misconduct by a police department officer or employee, obtain their name, badge or identification number, vehicle number, and any other identifying information. Additionally, if there were witnesses present, secure their names and contact details. Gather any evidence pertinent to your complaint. 

Complaints can be submitted in person, by telephone, mail, email, or even anonymously. Additionally, they can be filed by reaching out to the independent police auditor at:

172 S. Broadway, Suite 207,
Akron, OH 44308

217 S. High St., Room 511
Akron, OH 44308

File a Complaint

Complaint forms can be downloaded from this site or obtained in person at the information desk within the police department. If requested, a complaint form can be delivered to your residence or sent by mail. After filling out the form, please return it to the police department located at 217 S. High St., Akron, OH 44308, Room 511, or email it to with a copy to

Compliment a Cop

The Officer Commendation Form provides individuals with the opportunity to share the exceptional service provided to them by Akron Police Officers and Supervisors. Please complete the form linked below and submit to and copy

Submit a Compliment

Speaker Request Form

Please provide in the box below: Event Date, Time, Presentation Length Time, Audience Composition, Audience Size, Presentation Topic, and Expectations. For Audience Composition - Who is the audience? For example, are they predominantly older adults, immigrants, community leaders, or a neighborhood organization?