Board Of Review

The City of Akron's Board of Review can hear tax appeals from residents or businesses. 

The Board of Review has jurisdiction to affirm, modify or reverse any assessment, ruling or decision, or any part thereof made by the Commissioner provided the taxpayer making the appeal has filed with the City the required return or other documents concerning the obligation at issue. Such appeal must be in writing, and state why the decision should be deemed incorrect or unlawful, and must be made within thirty days from the announcement of an assessment, ruling or decision to which exception is taken by a taxpayer. (See Section 99.16) The Board of Review must schedule a hearing within forty-five days from the date of the appeal. Its decision must be rendered within thirty days from the date of the closing of the record, and shall be in writing and filed with the Income Tax Commissioner.

The Board consists of five members which include: the Mayor, the Director of Finance, the Director of Law, and two Akron residents not otherwise employed by the city, who are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of Council. 


Current Board Members
Interim Tax Commissioner