Design Division

The Design Division prepares project cost estimates, schedules, budgets, scopes and engineering studies necessary for the development of public improvement projects for the Capital Budget.

Detail Design
The Design Division is responsible for preparation of construction contract plans, specifications and estimates for the Petition Street, Sewer Reconstruction, Residential Sidewalk, Bridge Maintenance, Parks, Commercial Streetscape, Storm Sewer, Facilities Remodeling and Community Development Street Programs and other Capital Budget projects as assigned.

Project Management
It is the Design Division's responsibility to plan and control projects by applying the techniques of project management to the planning, programming and design for public work projects. The Design Division establishes project control systems by delineating logical flow of work, developing workable project schedules and identifying areas of responsibility to assure that component activities are completed on time and overall project development schedules are maintained and corrective measures are taken when the progress of project schedules are inhibited or delayed.

Public Involvement
The Design Division meets with affected citizens, City Council and other City departments and divisions on all studies, reports and plans to assure the goals and objectives of all concerned are properly considered in the development of specific projects.

Transportation Program
The Design Division coordinates the City's Transportation program, acts as liaison with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) during design development and provides technical input for the City to AMATS.

Plans, schedules and develops the appropriate documents, reports and plans necessary to apply to state and federal funds for public works projects.  Determines, in consultation with state and federal officials, the appropriate funding sources and procedures for the development of individual projects.  Determines scope of projects relative to goals, objectives, source of funds and time constraints. Presents individual studies, reports, plans and applications to state and federal officials for approval. The Design Division prepares construction plans for selected projects in accordance with ODOT and FHWA policy, criteria and standards.

Consultant Contract Administration
The Design Division prepares the scope of services and necessary contracts to utilize professional engineering and architectural consultants for design services when required to supplement or assist in meeting division goals.  Performs project management and contract administration duties for consultant contracts. Reviews consultants' construction plans.

The Design Division is responsible for developing and maintaining the City's Standard Drawings and Specifications to incorporate new developments and current industry standards.

Plan Review
The Design Division reviews construction plans for allotments, private developments and utility relocation (on public rights of way).

Survey Section
This section of the Design Division coordinates and performs preliminary surveys for in house design projects and construction layout. Survey services are also supplied to other City divisions when requested. Specific duties and responsibilities are described below.

  • Preliminary Surveys
    All preliminary surveying for the Design Division including Right-of-Way, locations, cross-sections and underground information. The staff provides topographic surveys for park and City land development projects.
  • Construction Layout
    Performs layout on projects where design build is required and on special projects. Supplies expertise in field design changes where above and below ground grade problems exist.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Control
    Performs control surveys and maintains City wide monumentation network.  Surveys are referenced to the Ohio State Plane Coordinate System for continuous use.
  • Mapping
    The survey staff provides control for mapping done by photogrammetric methods. Supplies reference control for the digital underground record mapping system. Provides direction for final output of mapping system.
  • Subdivision and Plan Review
    The survey staff reviews subdivision plats as well as dedication and vacation plats for adherence to regulations. Construction plans are reviewed for horizontal and vertical control information.
  • Legal Surveys
    The survey staff provides boundary surveys to various municipal departments for retracement of City owned land as well as future development. The staff provides professional opinions on matters of boundary location recorded in legal descriptions and provides field and office work for easements and land acquisition for municipal projects.