Get Social with Our Older Adult Programs

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Get Social With Our Older Adult Programs

We are excited to offer different art classes for people of all ages. Classes are offered at various centers city-wide during the day and in the evening.  Visit RecDesk to register for any art programs.
Cards and Games

Several centers across the city offer cards, games and/or billiards for older adults at various times and days of the week. Playing cards and games offer a fun, social way to exercise the brain and keep your memory sharp.

Please check out the following centers for specific details:

  • Ellet Community Center
  • Firestone Park Community Center
  • Kenmore Community Center
  • Lawton Street Community Center
  • Northwest Family Recreation Center
  • Patterson Park Community Center
City of Akron Commission on Aging
The Senior Citizens Commission was formed in 2016 (now called the Commission on Aging) with the goal of making Akron a better place for people 60 and over to live. The commission meets monthly on the second Wednesday of each month at 12:00 PM. The meetings are currently being held virtually and anyone is welcome to attend.
Day Trips

Social Wellness is an important component in a person’s overall health and wellbeing. With our Day Trips, we promote socializing with others as well as getting out and exploring our community. Whether it is signing up for a “Let’s Do” trip or having an adventure with your Senior Club, we love our day trips.

Check out the Recreation on the Go tab for more details on upcoming outings.

It is important to stay healthy and keep moving for people of all ages.  We offer weekly classes for all fitness levels.  Click here for our current fitness schedule.
Senior Clubs