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The following are just a few of the benefits for our community that will be realized from the Vacant Building Registration program:

  • Remove Blight

  • Reduce Crime

  • Stabilize Neighborhood

  • Increase Property Values

  • Foster Economic Development

  • Improve the Safety of Citizens and Safety Personnel

The Vacant Commercial or Industrial Building Appeals Board monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at  Akron City Council Chambers.   Council Chambers are on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building, located at 166 S. High Street.  Parking is available in the CitiCenter parking garage and all meter parking around the city hall. 

The meetings begin at 9:00a.m. and continue until all of the scheduled cases are reviewed. Owners of the properties being considered for demolition are encouraged to attend these meetings and provide written plans and schedules describing how they will bring their property into compliance. Neighbors of the properties being reviewed are also encouraged to attend and testify about how the property impacts the neighborhood.

The current board members are:

Scott Rowland ( chairperson)

Greg Burke

Floyd Easley Jr.

Renee Nied

Cathy Stephens



Obligations of Owners and Persons in Control.

A.  No owner or person in control of a vacant commercial or industrial building shall fail to do any of the following:


  1. Register the vacant commercial or industrial building with the Director in accordance with the requirements section 154.07 of this chapter.

  2. Pay the registration fee to the Director required by section 154.08 of this chapter.

  3. Designate an authorized agent who resides within Summit County, if the owner or person in control of the vacant commercial or industrial building does not reside within Summit County, Ohio or a contiguous county.

  4. Submit a vacant building plan which shall be approved by the Director in accordance with section 154.09 of this chapter.

  5. At all times secure and maintain the building and property in accordance with the vacant building maintenance standards set forth in section 154.10 of this chapter and the approved building plan under section 154.09(B), if applicable.


    Vacant Building Registration Ordinance 207-2018

    Vacant Building Registration Form

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