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Safety and Streets Dollars

In 2017, Akron voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of Issue 4 - a dedicated 1/4% income tax increase to fund police, fire, and roadway improvements in Akron ("Safety and Streets"). These additional funds have allowed the City to make long-awaited and much-needed improvements to the City’s public safety and roadway infrastructure. Mayor Horrigan has divided these new funds roughly equally between police, fire/EMS, and streets each year. For a breakdown of the Safety and Streets budgets per year please click on the links below.

You can see these new dollars at work everywhere you look. The City has been able to triple the repaving budget. Two new fire stations have been built: Station No. 2 in Middlebury, and Station No. 4 just south of downtown. New ladder trucks and equipment have also been purchased to support our fire fighters. These funds have also enabled the City to bring back the Akron Police Academy, purchase new cruisers, body worn cameras, and neighborhood cameras and lighting.

The 2020 proposed Safety and Streets budget includes plans to invest another $15.75 million into Akron's neighborhoods. "In Akron, we value the basic services that keep communities safe and strong. I am incredibly grateful to the voters and residents for supporting that vision. And every single dollar that we've raised has gone right back into the neighborhoods, and always will," said Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan.

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