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Akron Cares

New funding for Akron Cares may be available in January of 2019.

If and when additional funding becomes available, applications for Akron Cares will be accepted by appointment only in January 2019.  A limited number of appointments are available, and cover all billing cycles.  See below for a listing of when you may begin to call to schedule an appointment for your billing cycle. 

When calling for an appointment, you must be currently up for disconnect and not already turned off to be eligible for assistance.  The Akron Cares program will not restore service that has already been disconnected.

No walk-in appointments will be available.


Please review "How to Apply for Akron Cares Assistance" below.


Akron Cares is a program where customers can pledge an amount on their monthly utility bill that will help Akron residents struggling to pay their water, sewer and curb service bill.  The contributions are tax deductible and are matched by the City dollar-for- dollar.

How to Contribute

  • As a recurring donation of a desired amount on each bill;
  • As a monthly ‘round up’ of the customer’s billed dollar amount;
  • As a one-time donation.

You can sign up online through Premium Access by selecting ‘Recurring Donations’, over the phone by calling us at 330-375-2554 or in person in the Utilities Business Office located at 146 South High Street in downtown Akron.


How to Apply for Akron Cares Assistance

Beginning on the application submission date, the property owner or their authorized representative can bring in, e-mail or fax their  current termination notice with any one of the following:

  • A current (2018-2019 heating season HEAP or PIPP agency approval letter (not a utility bill) for the property owner;
  • A current application for unemployment compensation for the property owner with a confirmation number;
  • A current medical bill for the property owner in excess of $1,000.00 and past due;
  • A divorce filing form from the Summit County Domestic Relations Court for the property owner within the last six (6) months.

Renters may also apply for Akron Cares if their current signed lease states they are responsible for paying the water, sewer and curb service bill  Tenants must provide a full copy of their current signed formal lease (handwritten statements are not acceptable) in addition to the termination notice and any one of the documents listed above for a tenant listed on the lease.

Note: The Akron Cares program is not available for and will not restore water service that has already been disconnected.


Total Assistance Available

Residents are limited to one assistance distribution per year and may receive up to half of their past due balance, up to a maximum of $300.00.  Customer may be required to pay the balance of their disconnect notice not covered by Akron Cares to avoid shutoff.  Funds must be available in the program from donations or the City’s match.  Allow at least two business days to process applications.


Akron Cares Appointment Schedule

Call on       For an appointment on For Cycles
TBA TBA 13-14-15, 16-17-18
TBA  TBA 19-20-21-22, 23-24-25-28
TBA TBA 26-27-29, 1-2-3, 4-5-6
TBA TBA 7-8-9, 10-11-12











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