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Uniform Subdivision

Major Michael Caprez Major Michael Caprez

Uniform Subdivision

The Uniform Subdivision, commanded by Major Michael Caprez, and assistant commander, Captain Dave Laughlin, is the largest of the Akron Police Department’s three subdivisions.  The Uniform Subdivision is divided into two bureaus; the Patrol Bureau and the Traffic Bureau.

Captain Dave Laughlin Captain Dave Laughlin

The Patrol Bureau is divided into five platoons and provides 24-hour coverage in the City’s 12 cruiser districts. In addition to regular patrol functions, the bureau utilizes smaller, specially trained units to accomplish specific tasks and goals. These units include Patrol Operations, Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.), Court/Building Security Unit, Community Oriented Policing Service (C.O.P.S.), Gang/Street Crimes Unit, K-9 Unit, and Akron Police Reserves. These special units have been instrumental in assisting Patrol Officers in completing their mission and creating a safer environment for the citizens of Akron.

Patrol Operations is responsible for the day-to-day administrative needs of the Uniform Subdivision. They are also responsible for documenting citizen complaints lodged against police officers. They review investigations to determine that they are complete, accurate, and that the conclusion reached is properly supported.

Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) is a call up unit that is used to conduct drug raids, deal with barricaded suspects and/or hostage situations, high risk arrest warrants, and dignitary protection.

Court/Building Security Unit was originally established as the Court Liaison Detail in 1981 to provide security for the Municipal Courts. In 1996 this unit’s responsibilities were expanded to include providing security for the entire Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center. The Court Liaison Detail monitors arraignments and trials held in the six Municipal Courts and has extended responsibilities for monitoring the video arraignments transmitted daily from the Summit County jail. These video arraignments have greatly reduced the number of prisoners required to be transported back and forth between the jail and court each day.

Community Oriented Policing Service (C.O.P.S.) forges a partnership between the community and the Police Department to effectively identify and solve problems. During 2001 emphasis was been placed on targeting repeat calls at specific locations. This has proven successful in reducing the number of calls for service in the targeted areas. The C.O.P.S. Unit continues to coordinate police participation in the Weed and Seed Program for the City of Akron. It has emerged as a vital link in providing proactive problem solving that promotes partnerships to address the causes of crime, fear of crime and other community issues.

The Gang/Street Crime Unit was established in 1996 with the primary mission of monitoring gang activity and related street crimes. The Gang/Street Crime Unit was instrumental in assisting the Ohio Attorney General’s Office in the development of legislation specifically directed at participation in criminal gangs.

Re-established in 1996, the K-9 Unit continues to support the mission of the Patrol Bureau. The historical concept of the K-9 Unit has been redefined to be more in line with contemporary police philosophies and tasks. The unit consists of three officer and canine teams. These K-9 teams are used primarily for drug detection, building searches, locating missing and lost children and crime scene searches.

The Akron Police Reserve Officer Program supplements the department in numerous areas. Reserves typically donate over 9,000 work hours to the city each year.

The Akron Police Honor Guard is a voluntary unit of active Akron Police Officers. The unit strives to present a cohesive and dignified image in the various parades, funerals, and other law enforcement related events in which it represents the police department. The primary function of the honor guard is to bestow appropriate honors on our deceased active and retired officers. The unit also conducts color guard duties in area parades and flag postings.

The Traffic Bureau has the primary responsibility of enforcing the traffic laws of both the City of Akron and the State of Ohio. The assigned officers follow up on complaints from citizens regarding parking and speed violations. The Bureau’s other units include the Traffic Crash Reconstruction Unit, Hit Skip Unit, and Commercial Vehicle Weight Enforcement Unit.

The Traffic Bureau is also responsible for coordinating special events like First Night, the NEC Invitational, Akron Aeros baseball games, Ohio Mart, Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day, and the International Soap Box Derby.

The Accident Reconstruction Unit investigates fatal crashes and serious injury or felony accidents. In addition, this unit supports all officer requests for crash analysis, evaluates equipment requisitions and assists in criminal investigations where motor vehicles are involved.

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