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Authorization to Turn on Water
The owner is providing authorization to turn on the water or leave the water on.

Curb Service and Sewer Service Affidavits

If your property will be vacant for at least an entire calendar month, with a notarized affidavit, we will suspend charges for curb service and recycling and sewer (properties without city water only). The affidavit must be completed by the deed holder of the property and signed by a notary. You must contact the business office once the home is occupied to resume curb service collection.  ***NOTE: We will only credit a maximum of two (2) months of previously billed curb service.

"No Extension Clause"
Landlords may prevent payment extensions by placing a request for "No Extensions" clause on an account.

Permission to act as Agent (ACH)
Deed holders may grant permission for a tenant to pay the water, sewer, and/or curb service/recycling bill by automatic monthly payment.

Permission to Act as Agent (Land Contracts)
Deed holders who have sold their property through land contract may grant permission to the land contract buyer to act as their agent in matters relating to water, sewer, and/or curb service/recycling collection service for the affected property.

Permission to Act as Agent Relocation/Realtor
For deed holders who are selling their property and wish to grant permission to a relocation company and/or realtor to act as their agent in matters relating to water, sewer, and/or curb service/recycling collection for the affected property.

Real Estate Licensee Temporary Service Contract
For real estate licensees who need the water and sewer service turned on temporarily for testing or an inspection. By using a ‘Real Estate Licensee Temporary Service Contract’ form, the licensee is taking full responsibility for the water and sewer service at the property while the contract is in effect.

Third-Party Notification
Our "Third Party Notification" program allows a customer to designate a "third party" to receive a copy of any past due bill. You can have peace of mind that there is someone else who will be notified of a bill payment problem.

Request to Turn Off Water
The owner is requesting to turn off the water.  There is a $40.00 fee associated with a voluntary shutoff and all property owners will be required to pay a $4.00 per month "availability fee" for fire service protection during the time the water is off inside the property.

Utility Bill Relief Affidavit
Apply for a reduction on a high water bill due to a burst pipe, leaking toilet or unknown underground leak.  Form must be notarized.





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