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Rental Registration Ordinance

The Rental Registration Ordinance was passed by City Council in 1996, and enforcement began in 1997. A rental unit is defined as "a dwelling or rooming unit not occupied by the person with legal title." The monies collected for rental registration are used exclusively for Neighborhood Assistance including the Housing Division.

The information contained is used as a resource by the Housing Division. Because Summit County records, phone directories and other directories do not always correctly reflect owner information (i.e., addresses and phone numbers), this database has become an invaluable resource for contacting owners when an emergency arises.

When the Housing Division receives a formal complaint, it is imperative that the housing inspector properly notifies the owner of record of any violations found – especially those of an emergency nature. Having a phone number to reach an owner allows the sanitarians to communicate such problems as restoring utilities and open/vacant structures in a timely manner.

Rental Registration is enforced by the Department of Neighborhood Assistance Housing Division under the provisions of the Environmental Health Housing Code.  Failure to register rental units is a violation of the Housing Code, punishable by legal penalties.

Registration Year Units Registered Owners Registered
2017 33,239 3520
2016 34,049 3,545
2015 34,651 3,623
2014 33,298 3,740
2013 32,180 3,612
2012 31,645 3,649
2011 31,832 3,634
2010 31,756 3,606
2009 N/A N/A
2008 32,034 3,793
2007 33,604 4,115
2006 34,037 4,023
2005 35,297 4,417
2004 35,010 4,490
2003 35,063 4,530
2002 34,538 4,501
2001 33,459 4,015
2000 30,045 3,420
1999 25,713 2,958
1998 24,249 2,561
1997 21,876 2,581


The deadline for the annual registration is January 31.

After that date, a $15 late fee is required. The fee schedule,

amended in 2016, is as follows:

  $ 15.00 per unit ($1,500 maximum) 

 Late Registration Fee - $15.00 (if paid after January 31st)                                                  

Get the rental registration form to the right or contact the Housing Division at 330-375-2366, ext. 2694 to request an invoice.
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Rental Registration Ordinance

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