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The Akron Utilities Business Office establishes accounts based on the deed holder(s) of the property and a bankruptcy claim is processed only for the deed holder. Please provide the following information (via phone, fax, or mail):
• Your name
• Account number
• Case number
• Date of filing
• Chapter
• Attorney name and telephone number

When we receive a notice that we have been listed as a creditor on a bankruptcy, we will close the existing account and open a new account with a new account number for the debtor. We will calculate what is owed on the account as of the date the bankruptcy petition was filed. If we are listed as a creditor in a bankruptcy case, we will request the debtor provide a security deposit equal to one and a half months of average utility bills. The deposit is due within 30 days after we send out the security deposit request. Please call 330-375-2626 if you have any questions.

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