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Rain Gardens

What is a rain garden?

Rain gardens are a formed from a shallow depression of soil that is planted with native perennial plants. The plants and soil work together to filter out pollutants while absorbing run off.

Why plant a rain garden?

Rain gardens actively manage stormwater on site, and by doing so, actively work to stop our greatest cause of water pollution in its tracks. Stormwater run off is managed on site by the rain gardens, which keeps the water from flowing across impermeable surfaces and carrying pollutants directly into local water resources. Plus, they are just pretty to look at.

How do you make a rain garden?

Rain gardens are fairly simple to care for and initially create. Even a small rain garden helps prevent stormwater pollution entering our water resources. The Rain Garden Manual for Homeowners will help in planning and building your rain garden. You may also contact Summit Soil and Water Conservation District for directions, advice, and more information on rain garden workshops, demonstrations and Rain Garden Plant Kits.

Storm Water Program

Storm Water Program

The City of Akron's Storm Water Program is managed out of the

Sewer Maintenance Facility
2460 Akron-Peninsula Road
Akron, OH 44313
(330) 375-2776 f (330) 375-2399

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