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Listed here are some examples of hazardous products that may be found in different areas of your home, along with best practices for safe disposal.

  •  Living Room: Paint, Batteries: Small amounts of paint can be hardened by removing the lid and adding sand or cat litter. Once the paint is solid, you may put it in the trash. Full cans of unused paint may be donated to “Habitat for Humanity” or a similar organization. Never pour paint down the storm drain or down the drains in your home.
  • Bathroom: Cleaners: Bathroom cleaners that contain phosphates present a water pollution hazard so make sure that you dispose of the sealed containers in the trash or recycle them if possible.
  • Garage: Antifreeze, Motor Oil: Used motor oil is easily recycled at any number of local service stations. A convenient way to store used oil for recycling is to pour it into clean used milk jugs or other gallon containers. Be sure it is properly labeled.
  • Kitchen: Bleach, Window & Glass Cleaners: These products typically contain ammonia or alcohol. Unused portions of window or glass cleaner should be flushed down the drain with plenty of water.
  • Basement or Storage Shed: Fertilizer, Solvents: Solvents like paint thinners, turpentine, varnish, and furniture stripper can be re-used after you allow the solid particles to settle out. You can empty the sludge in the trash. If you have large amounts of solvents (more than 10 gallons), you should take them to a recycler. Never dump solvents down a toilet, sanitary or storm sewer, or onto the soil.

The above-mentioned products are just a few of the typical household materials that will cause serious water-pollution problems if handled and disposed of improperly.  Visit the Summit Akron Solid Waste Management Authority (SASWMA) Household Hazardous Waste page for a full list of acceptable items.  We must all do our part to make sure that harmful substances do not enter our streams and lakes where they can have a harmful effect on the water quality of all of our shared waters.

You can contact your local Summit Akron Solid Waste Management Authority (SASWMA) in Summit County at 330-374-0383, or on-line at, for more information on proper disposal. You can also reach the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Northeast District Office, at 330-963-1200, or click here for the Division of Materials and Waste Management.

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