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  • P.O.A.s - A box on the lower right hand portion of the tax return must be checked to give us permission to discuss your client's tax information with you. As always, if you have a formal Power of Attorney signed by your client that gives you such authority we can freely discuss their tax issues with you. However, to participate in Akron's "Information Sharing Program" you will also need to complete and return our "Information Release Form" and be assigned an Akron Preparer ID number. Enter the Akron ID number in the designated box on the bottom of the Akron tax return. If you need to call for information, we can only share it with you AFTER you register in our "Information Sharing Program." Click here to obtain a Tax Practitioner Questionnaire.


  • As with Federal returns, the taxpayer may use 100% of last year’s tax liability for the declaration and estimated payments, or 90% of estimated current year liability. Payments must be made in four equal, quarterly installments to avoid penalty and interest charges.


  • If you have an Akron client who needs to report S Corp or Partnership distributive share income on his/her individual return, download and use WORKSHEET K. If you have an Akron client who has allocated self-employment income between Akron and another taxing municipality, please download and use WORKSHEET SE.


  • Gambling losses are not deductible against gambling winnings unless the taxpayer is deemed to be a "professional gambler," where gambling is the taxpayer’s principal business activity for federal tax purposes.


  • EXTENSION REQUESTS - We do not preapprove extension requests before the filing of the tax return. If you are filing a Federal extension for your client, simply attach a copy of this form to the Akron final tax return. Your extension will be approved for up to 45 days after the deadline of your Federal extension AS LONG AS YOUR CLIENT'S ACCOUNT IS UP TO DATE. Please be sure to notify your client that, if his city tax account is delinquent in any manner, the extension will be considered invalid, and penalty and interest charges will be applied for filing a late return. Remember, an extension refers to the time for filing, not the payment of the taxes due. Regular interest will be charged on any payments that are received after the original due date of the return, even if being filed with an extension. If filing through the Ohio Business Gateway, the extension due date is 15 days after your client's Federal extension.


  • Most individual and joint filers are eligible to file their Akron City tax returns via the internet. This includes Form IR filers with wage income but not schedule income such as Federal Schedules C, E and F. Tax preparers who are registered with us may also file their client’s returns over the internet.  Should you have any questions, feel free to call us at 330-375-2290.

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