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The Akron Fire Department is not currently accepting applications for Firefighter/Medic

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Personal History Statement (PHS)

This link is for your Personal History Statement. Please download this PDF to your computer/device so that you can complete it in the various stages needed. If you are at this point in the process, do not wait to begin this document a few days before it is due. If so, you will not have enough time to get all of the information that is needed to complete it. This document must be legible. This may be the most important document that you will need to fill out up to this point.

Read through carefully and answer all questions truthfully (do not guess). Once completed, email the document(s) to [email protected] or bring a finished copy to Akron Fire Station #4 @ 81 W. Thornton St Akron, Ohio 44311. If you have questions or concerns, call the Akron Fire Investigative Unit at 330.375.2214.

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