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Our Vision and Mission

The City of Akron Office of Integrated Development is committed to co-creating, with residents and businesses, a community that is healthy, equitable, beautiful, and resilient.

Our team does this with clarity of process, transparent communications, data-driven strategy, and a culture of learning and creativity.

Our goal is to embrace Akron’s history and steward that legacy.

Our Strategic Plan

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OID Values

Our Structure

OID restructures City departments in order to improve transparency and better utilize resources in pursuit of our vision, mission, values, and goals.

The following previously exiting City Departments are now a part of Integrated Development:

Development & Business Retention and Expansion (Formerly Economic Development)

Planning and Urban Development

Public Life (which includes Lock 3 and the Recreation Bureau)

New departments in Integrated Development:

Economic Opportunity While not a new unit per se, Economic Opportunity does represent an important commitment for the City as part of the Elevate Akron work. The City and the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce have jointly hired a Vice President for Economic Opportunity to support Elevate Akron and, for OID, to help to advance work under Goal 1 and Goal 5.

Development Engineering Development Engineering is newly created as part of OID and serves a critical liaison function between OID and the Engineering Bureau. The City Arborist will move from the Public Service Department to Development Engineering and will also  supports the build-out of the parks design function in Recreation and Parks. The Great Streets Initiative will also sit in Development Engineering with a dedicated coordinator.

Administrative Support  OID will reposition its talented administrative staff by exploring opportunities for those staffers to cross-train, lead on special projects, and support OID at an enterprise level. OID also plans to obtain resources for a cohort of Fellows to support policy, communications, engagement, and other special projects at an enterprise level.

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