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The Akron Civil Rights Commission is appointed by Mayor Dan Horrigan and approved by Akron City Council.  The Commission serves to provide residents with the opportunity to resolve discrimination issues at a local level. 

The Commission investigates complaints of unlawful discrimination based on background, beliefs, or identity based on:

  • Housing, including home sales, leases, rentals, and financial transactions.
  • Employment, including hiring, promotions, discipline, working conditions, and salary.
  • Public accommodations, including access to goods, services, business, and public spaces.
  • City contracts.

For a public information presentation from the Akron Civil Rights Commission click here

Akron's Non-Discrimination Ordinance (which enacted Title 3, Chapter 38 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Akron) is available here.  The Code sections are also available online here

Housing Legislation - Ordinance No. 111-2021 "Pay to Stay" 
Housing Legislation - Ordinance No. 112-2021 "Source of Income Protections"

The Akron Civil Rights Commission Rules of Organization and Operation are available here

To file a complaint of discrimination with the Akron Civil Rights Commission, use the Complaint Form, available here Directions for submitting the form to the City are provided at the end of the form. 


Current Members of the Akron Civil Rights Commission 

Esther L. Thomas, Chair
Nanette P. Pitt, Vice Chair
GinaKaye Maddox
Dr. Sheldon B. Wrice
Ellen Lander-Nischt
Bruce Alexander 
Casey Miller

Statement of ACRC, issued June 2020:

When brutality is live-streamed, it is not a time to look away. For such a time as this, the Akron Civil Right Commission was established.

We must not look away when we are confronted by the outcome of systemic and deadly discriminatory practices. The devaluation and degradation of African-Americans is not new, imagined, or isolated. Rather, it is a malignant and vestigial product of slavery and the Jim Crow laws and practices that followed it. We must do better.

The Akron Civil Rights Commission maintains that  continued discrimination is unacceptable; that enduring, systemic discrimination can be deadly; and that the failure to recognize the human dignity of some  citizens is an affront to, and irreparably harms, the rights and dignities of us all.

The great drum major for justice, Martin Luther King Jr., stated that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Injustice is evidenced by the overrepresentation of African-Americans at every stage of criminal and juvenile justice systems, and we are all called to take action.

The time has come to recognize that exercise of inalienable rights does not provide license to trample or ignore the rights of another. When our community acknowledges that racism is a public health crisis, we cannot let malice or indifference take someone else’s breath away.

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