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  1. Description of the Market - Union Redevelopment Area
    The Market - Union Redevelopment Area consists of 76.75 acres. It is located east of the Central Business District along East Market Street to the State Route 8 North Expressway and north of the University of Akron along North Union Street to the bluff of the Little Cuyahoga River valley.
  2. Development Objectives and Activities to be Undertaken
    The following development objectives are established with regard to the Market - Union Redevelopment Area:
    1. Land Use Objectives
      1. Enhance the viability of the project area by encouraging land uses which are compatible to the area's and vicinity's character and develop the fullest potential of the district.
      2. Prohibit uses which are incompatible with the area and vicinity and which would detract from the viable development of the area.
      3. Reduce land use conflict by encouraging the redevelopment of residential properties within the project area to business use.
      4. Promote development standards to improve the appearance of the area to be conducive to new business investment and to attract new employment to the area.
      5. Complement adjoining development plans of the Central Business District, the University of Akron, and the Summa Health System, Akron City Campus and development plans of the University Park Neighborhood Association.
    2. Environmental Objectives
      1. Eliminate substandard physical conditions, environmental hazards, and unsanitary conditions which exist within the project area.
      2. Correct problems which are a threat to health and safety within the project area.
      3. Improve the functional, physical and aesthetic condition of the project area.
    3. Public Improvement Objectives
      1. Correct deficiencies in existing public improvements serving the project area.
      2. Upgrade the condition of the streetscape of East Market Street and North Union Street to enhance the appearance and utility for existing businesses.
      3. Plan any additional public improvements needed to facilitate redevelopment.
    4. Circulation Objective
      1. Improve project area streets to provide more convenient and safer conveyance of traffic.
      2. Maintain the project area's excellent access to the expressway system.
    5. Economic Objectives
      1. Maintain and increase the number of employment opportunities within the City of Akron.
      2. Enhance property tax revenues by new construction within the Redevelopment Area.
      3. Undertake activities of the Market - Union Redevelopment Area so as to demonstrate public and private investment confidence in the redevelopment area, and to encourage additional public and private sector investment.
      4. Encourage expansion of business activity within the Redevelopment Area.
      5. Encourage reuse of under utilized and vacant buildings.
      6. Encourage redevelopment of under utilized and vacant land.
      7. Promote reinvestment in businesses and properties.

        Public activities to promote redevelopment in the project area may include the following undertakings:

        1. Public acquisition of under utilized and/or deteriorated properties.
        2. Demolition of deteriorated properties.
        3. Land lease for private redevelopment.
        4. Adoption of design standards and development standards.
        5. Tax increment financing under Ohio Revised Code Section 5709.40-43.
        6. Exercise of powers conferred upon Ohio Impact Cities by the State of Ohio Revised Code Section 719.011.
        7. Exercise of powers conferred by Community Reinvestment Area provisions of Ohio Revised Code Section 3735.67.
        8. Provision of public improvements.
        9. Financial assistance for private redevelopment.
        10. Land banking of residential properties for private redevelopment.
  3. Permitted Land Uses
    The proposed uses within the Market - Union Redevelopment Area are retail business, apartment dwellings, office uses, commercial use business and university and institutional uses. Permitted uses for retail, apartment, office, university and institutional classifications are those specified in their respective chapters of the Akron Zoning Code. Commercial uses to be permitted shall include wholesale and distribution businesses with no outside storage, machine shop or processing or fabrication provided that noise, vibration, particulates, smoke, fumes, gas or odors from such activities are effectively confined to the premises as specified in Chapter 153.108 Commercial Districts; Class U4 of the Akron Zoning Code.
  4. Zoning
    1. Existing Zoning
      The existing zoning for the Market - Union Redevelopment Area includes Apartment House (Class U2), Retail Business (Class U3), Commercial (Class U4), University (Class UD), and Unified Planned Development District 10 (UPD-10). The Unified Planned Development District permits limited business (office), ordinary industry, commercial use, but prohibits retail business. Development requirements for business add restrictions limiting outside storage of materials by location or by landscape screening and limits processing and fabrication to be enclosed; otherwise, development requirements are those found with respective chapters of the Zoning Code.
    2. Proposed Zoning
      Properties facing Summit Street are proposed to be rezoned to retail business from existing commercial zoning so as to complement the changed character of this portion of the Central Business District. The Convention Center and Quaker Square should be complemented by retail and office activities. It is also proposed that UPD-10 be amended so as to prohibit outside storage. Outside storage which is occurring in the project area is unsightly and discourages new development. Land with such good proximity to the highway system, downtown, the hospital and the University should be put to a more intensive use than outside storage.
  5. Obligations of Project Developers
    Construct, rehabilitate, and maintain the structures and facilities in accordance with all codes and ordinances of the City of Akron. Construction upon land sold or leased by the City shall be in accordance with all the terms and conditions of a Redevelopment Agreement executed by the City of Akron and the project developer. Such Redevelopment Agreement shall contain the requirement that all building plans shall be reviewed by the Urban Design and Fine Arts Commission and the Akron City Planning Commission prior to conveyance of the redevelopment property.
  6. Provision for Amending Plan
    This Redevelopment Plan may be amended from time to time upon approval by the City Planning Commission and City Council.
  7. Conclusion
    It is the opinion of the City of Akron, Ohio, supported by the facts and information set forth in this report, that:
    1. The Market - Union Redevelopment Area is an area which exhibits physical signs of deterioration and functional and economic obsolescence.
    2. Exercise of Chapter 5709 (Sections 5709.40 to 5709.43) of the Revised Code of the State of Ohio, within the Market - Union Redevelopment Area is warranted with the investment of public funds to renovate the area.
    3. Such improvement is necessary for the public purpose of accomplishing the goals of the City of Akron and its general plan.


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