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The City of Akron permits the installation and upkeep of geocaches on Watershed properties within Portage and Geauga Counties.  Installation of a new geocache must be approved by the Watershed office before the geocache is installed.  If an unregistered and unapproved geocache is found on Akron properties, it will be removed without notification.

The application form can be downloaded here. It must be filled out and returned to the Watershed office either through mail to the following address: 1570 Ravenna Rd, Kent, Ohio 44240 Attn: Watershed Division, or through email to [email protected].  If you are installing a cache you must wait until your application is approved.

Geocaching does NOT allow permission to trespass into sensitive areas. Areas not approved for geocaching:

-Lake Rockwell Reservoir and surrounding areas

-Akron owned properties around Lake Pippen at Towners Woods

-Any other areas already designated as “No Trespassing” including dams, dikes and other reservoir structures

Rules and Regulations regarding geocaching on Akron Watershed Properties:

A. Geocache Placement Guidelines

  1. A person wishing to place a geocache on Akron Watershed lands must first apply for a Special Use Permit through the Watershed Office. Unauthorized caches will be removed without notification. Applications for Special Use Permits will be accepted on a first come-first-served basis. There is no fee for a geocache permit.
  2. Caches may not be buried, but must be located above ground in a location that does not place the visiting public at risk of injury or harm and does not damage any tree, vegetation or natural feature.
  3. Caches may not be placed in any location that interferes with City of Akron Watershed or ODNR resource management objectives.
  4. Each individual cache may be placed for a period not to exceed one (1) year. At the end of one year the cache must be either renewed through the application process OR removed by the permit holder, the site restored to its original condition, and Akron Watershed Management informed in writing of the removal.
  5. The Akron Watershed Division retains the right to limit the number and density of caches on City owned watershed properties
  6. The placement of a “Premium Member only Geocache” will not be permitted on watershed lands. All caches on watershed lands shall be available to the public without a fee.

B. Public Access to Geocaches

  1. Geocaches may be accessed during daylight hours only.
  2. Cache seekers or cache owners must abide by all other watershed and ODNR rules and regulations.

C. Geocache Containers & Contents

  1. All Geocache containers must be clearly marked with the word "Geocache" and include the Special Use Permit number assigned to that particular cache.
  2. Maximum size of cache containers shall not exceed 600 cubic inches of capacity. Minimum size of cache containers shall not be less than 50 cubic inches of capacity.
  3. Cache containers may only contain a log book and non-perishable, family-friendly items.

D. Geocache Tracking

  1. The Watershed Superintendent shall approve and issue all Special Use Permits for geocaches.
  2. Distribution of the permit shall be as defined in the Special Use Permit Policy.
  3. All prospective geocache locations will be checked by the Akron Watershed Management against known and planned timber harvest locations and any other management activity that could place the public at risk or jeopardize the Division’s mission or strategic plan.
  4. If it is determined that the location of an existing cache will place the public at risk, interferes with Division land management objectives, or is causing undo impact to forest resources, the respective Water Protection Specialist will have the cache removed or relocated.
  5. The Akron Watershed Management shall keep a database of all geocache permits and will be responsible for notifying permit holders of changes in permit status and expiration dates.



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