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Q: Am I eligible for a grant to fix up my home?
A: Homeowners are eligible for a housing rehabilitation grant or loan if they are in an active area. (Follow the links for a list of active development areas.) Owners of rental property within active areas are eligible for special assistance.
Q: What if I don’t live in one of the Neighborhood Program Areas and I need assistance?
A: Akron also has a minor home repair program providing limited assistance to low-income elderly or disabled homeowners citywide. Call (330) 375-2050 for more information.
Q: How are program neighborhoods selected?
A: Neighborhoods are selected using assessments of neighborhood conditions and U.S. Census data. See Housing and Community Services for more details. Akron’s Community Development plan and budget are outlined in the Consolidated Plan and 5-year Strategy.
Q: What happens to vacant, rundown houses?
A: The Akron Health Department enforces the Environmental Health Housing code, (330) 375-2366. This sets minimum standards for safe and decent housing. Inspectors visit properties, identify violations and work with owners to correct problems. If properties are so bad they can’t be repaired, the city offers to tear them down at no cost through the Waiver Demolition Program. Garages, too, can be torn down at no cost. Call (330) 375-2366 for program information.
Q: Does the City just help repair old homes?
A: The City recognizes the need for new, affordable housing. The Urban Neighborhood Development Corporation contracts with local builders to construct quality homes on inner city lots. Call (330) 375-2696 for more information. Akron also assists other non-profit Community Housing Development Organizations construct new homes. See Consolidated Plan and 5-year Strategy for more information. UNDC Information Flyer (160k pdf)
Q: Is there help for the homeless?
A: The City supports a range of community organizations assisting the homeless. The Emergency Shelter Grant Program (ESGP) assists shelters serving women, men, women with children, families, victims of domestic violence, the mentally ill and runaway youth. The City also funds transitional residential programs that provide long-term residency and supportive services. A complete description of the history and range of services for the homeless is contained in the City’s Continuum of Care. For ESGP information, call (330) 375-2090. For information on direct assistance to the homeless call Info Line at (330) 376-6660.
Q: How does the City assist community organizations?
A: Since 1997, The Neighborhood Partnership Program has annually awarded matching grants to neighborhood organizations for small, innovative neighborhood-based projects. In addition, the City now assists non-profit Neighborhood Development Corporations with project and administrative funding. Organizations must be in operation for at least one year and have the capacity to provide housing-related services within a defined neighborhood. Call (330) 375-2090 for more information.
Q: What kind of assistance is available to small businesses?
A: Akron’s Neighborhood Business District Program is designed to assist community-based businesses, in specific neighborhoods, to perform exterior or interior improvements. Call (330) 375-2090 for more information.
Q: Are any public improvements planned for my neighborhood?
A: See the annual Capital Investment Program, five-year Capital Investment Program, and ward maps. Or call Capital Planning at (330) 375-2084.
Q: How can I get my street and sidewalk repaired?
A: Property owners can circulate a petition for public improvements in the block or blocks in front of their property. Contact the Akron Engineering Bureau Administrative Services Division at (330) 375-2355 regarding the petition program.


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