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Tips to Minimize Storm Water Pollution at Your Home

Simple things you can do to minimize storm water pollution at your home: 

  • Prevent soil erosion by maintaining a healthy lawn. Seed bare spots to minimize soil loss.
  • Sweep dirt, grass clippings and leaves away from impervious surfaces. Allowing these to enter the storm sewer adds phosphorus to lakes and wetlands and increases the likelihood of algae growth.
  • Conduct soil tests before applying fertilizers to lawn. Only apply what is needed or closely follow the label instruction. Sweep off any fertilizer that ends up on the sidewalk, driveway, street or any other impervious surface. Do not apply prior to or while it is raining.
  • Direct water from downspouts away from impervious surfaces and onto the lawn, or use a rain barrel to collect water for later use.
  • Select native plants and grasses that are drought and pest resistant for your yard. They will require less water, fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Keep herbicides and insecticides off impervious surfaces and apply them at the correct rate and time.
  • Don't allow household or automotive chemicals to drain into the storm sewer system.
  • Keep garbage covered and pick up trash.
  • Pick up pet waste. Pet waste contains harmful bacteria and nutrients that degrade water quality.
  • Drain your swimming pool only after chlorine is below detectable levels. If possible, discharge water over a landscaped area before reaching the street. Check your yard for natural drainage ways before doing this to encourage proper drainage, keeping water away from adjacent properties.
  • Avoid washing your car on the driveway or in the street. Use a car wash when available.

Storm Water Program

Storm Water Program

The City of Akron's Storm Water Program is managed out of the

Sewer Maintenance Facility
2460 Akron-Peninsula Road
Akron, OH 44313
(330) 375-2776 f (330) 375-2399

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