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The goal of this program component is to maintain an up-to-date inventory of industrial facilities within the corporate boundary of the City of Akron and to document the industries compliance with Ohio EPA Industrial program.  In support of this goal, this program addresses eight primary objectives: 

  • Co-ordinate the industrial storm water program with the pretreatment program and the illicit discharge detection and elimination program;
  • Prepare an inventory of municipal facilities (landfills, transfer stations, industrial facilities and hazardous waste treatment, disposal and recovery facilities) that are potentially contributing a substantial pollutant load to the City’s municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4);
  • Maintain the inventory of industries that receive the SDDD and establish a schedule for the frequency needed to ensure proper identification of industrial users; 
  • Confirm that, if applicable, the industrial facility has coverage under an NPDES permit for storm water discharges, has a storm water pollution prevention plan (SWP3) and that the industrial facility is maintaining the major BMPs identified in the SWP3;
  •  Document in the Annual Report the industrial users that discharge to the City’s MS4 that meet the definition of 40 CFR 122.26 (b)(14) and cannot provide proof of NPDES permit coverage or a No Exposure Certification from the Ohio EPA.
  •  Assist industrial facilities in complying with the statewide General Industrial Permit, if applicable to that facility;
  •  For facilities subject to NPDES industrial storm water requirements, conduct industrial facility inspections.  Develop an inspection form; and
  •  Notify Ohio EPA when it is determined that an industry’s pollution prevention activities are inadequate and violate the conditions of Ohio EPA’s NPDES permits.

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Storm Water Program

Storm Water Program

The City of Akron's Storm Water Program is managed out of the

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