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To apply for general permit coverage, the discharger submits a Notice of Intent (NOI) application form. Ohio EPA will review the NOI and send a letter informing the discharger of the approval or denial of their general permit coverage.

If the discharger decides not to apply for general permit coverage, they must apply for an individual permit.  Ohio EPA is not required to approve all general permit applicants to be covered by the general permit, but may require the discharger to apply for an individual permit if environmental concerns exist that are not addressed by the general permit. It is preferred that each facility be covered by only one NPDES permit (i.e., the individual permit).All storm water discharges associated with industrial activity that discharge through a storm water discharge system that is not a municipal separate storm sewer must be covered by an individual permit, or a permit issued to the operator of the portion of the system that discharges to waters of the United States, with each discharger to the non-municipal conveyance a co-permittee to that permit.                                

A request for authorization under the permit is made by completing a "Notice of Intent" (NOI) form, which may be downloaded from the Ohio EPA website at the Storm Water Program Forms and Permitspage at or which is available upon request from Ohio EPA or the City of Akron Storm Water Program.

Existing facilities subject to NPDES stormwater permitting requirements should already have an Industrial Stormwater NOI on file. If an NOI is not on file with Ohio EPA, the NOI and permit fee must be filed as soon as possible. Ohio EPA requires an updated NOI and permit fee to be covered by this permit.

Availability of Forms and Information

Applicants can download copies of all information, forms, reference materials, or the general NPDES permit from the Ohio EPA website at the Storm Water Program Forms and Permitspage.

Copies of all information, forms, reference materials or the general NPDES permit requirements may also be obtained by contacting Ohio EPA, Northeast District Office.

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Storm Water Program

Storm Water Program

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