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Storm water runoff from construction activities can have a significant impact on water quality. As storm water flows over a construction site, it can pick up pollutants like sediment, debris, and chemicals and transport these to a nearby storm sewer system or directly to a river, lake, or coastal water. Polluted storm water runoff can harm or kill fish and other wildlife. Sedimentation can destroy aquatic habitat, and high volumes of runoff can cause stream bank erosion. Debris can clog waterways and potentially reach larger bodies of water where it can kill marine wildlife and impact habitat.

Who Needs a Permit

The NPDES storm water program requires construction site operators engaged in clearing, grading, and excavating activities that disturb 1 acre or more, including smaller sites in a larger common plan of development or sale, to obtain coverage under an NPDES permit for their storm water discharges. The City adopted regulations for erosion and sediment control at construction sites as well as Post-Construction water quality. Ohio EPA remains the permitting authority and operators must meet the requirements of the EPA Construction General Permit. Most construction activities are covered by the general NPDES stormwater permit for construction activity, but some construction sites need individual permit coverage.

How to Apply for NPDES General Permit Coverage

Owners and operators of construction activity must complete several steps before completing a permit application and beginning construction. The City of Akron Storm Water Application and Procedures Manual has been developed to assist applicants with the proper procedures to obtain the necessary approvals for construction projects.

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Storm Water Program

Storm Water Program

The City of Akron's Storm Water Program is managed out of the

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