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Basement Backups / Odors / Lateral Inspection

Sometimes property owners experience basement flooding or sewer odors at their properties. Basement flooding may be caused by a broken or obstructed sewer line or by unusually heavy rainfall. Odors are often the result of dry traps or missing or broken cleanout caps. Our field personnel can assist an owner by helping to identify the causes of these problems. This service is provided at no cost and may save the expense of calling a plumber if the main sewer line is the problem. Please remember that owners are responsible for all repairs and maintenance on their property. The City of Akron Sewer Maintenance division is responsible for all repairs within the public right-of-way or sewer easement.

  • If a basement floods or sewer odors are detected, notify the City of Akron Sewer Maintenance division by calling the 24 hour dispatcher line at 330-375-2666. The City of Akron Sewer Maintenance Division will dispatch a crew to check the main line sewer to see if there is a blockage in the line.
  • The Owner is responsible for keeping the sewer lateral between the home and the main sewer line clear of obstructions and blockages. Typical obstructions are roots, grease, paper towels, toys, rags, diapers, baby wipes, and sanitary napkins.
  • The City of Akron Sewer Maintenance division is responsible for all structural repairs to the public portion of non-commercial sanitary laterals and for all cleaning and repairs to sewer main lines in Right-of-Ways and easements.
  • If there is a break between the home and the right-of-way or sewer easement (the private portion), the homeowner is responsible for repairs. For commercial properties, the owner is responsible for repairs from the building all the way to the main sewer line.
  • Obstructions can be cleared by the homeowner, a plumber, or a licensed plumbing contractor. It is recommended that owners get price quotes from more than one source. Another good idea is to ask if the work is guaranteed and for how long.
  • Repairs can be made by a licensed sewer contractor only.


When a plumber or drain service finds a break in the sewer lateral or hits an obstruction in a sanitary lateral that they cannot remove, the homeowner may call Sewer Maintenance to schedule a lateral inspection.  Sewer Maintenance can assist the homeowner by locating the break or obstruction in the sanitary lateral with a camera that is pushed through the sanitary lateral from a sewer cleanout inside the property.

The service is free, but most effective when a plumber or drain service has been successful in getting the sanitary lateral to drain the standing waste water.  If the camera is under water, the break or obstruction cannot be defined.  Please contact the Sewer Maintenance dispatcher at 330-375-2666 to schedule a lateral inspection appointment.

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Sewer Maintenance has moved. Now located at:

Sewer Maintenance has moved. Now located at:

Sewer Maintenance Facility
2460 Akron-Peninsula Road
Akron, OH 44313
p (330) 375-2666 f (330) 375-2399

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