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City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 05-05-2014

Akron, Ohio (March 2, 2014) - Today, Mayor Plusquellic announced that he is introducing an ordinance on Monday that would authorize the Director of Public Service, in connection with the construction of the CSO Rack 15 Storage Basin Project and the Mud Run Pump Station and Storage Basin Project, to utilize city employees and/or trade union workers to perform certain work on those projects, and if necessary, enter into “Construction Manager At Risk” contracts.

The CSO Rack 15 Basin Project consists of providing combined sewer overflow (CSO) control near the Little Cuyahoga River northeast of the Elizabeth Park Community Center.  The City previously received bids for the CSO Rack 15 Storage Basin on April 30, 2014, but was challenged in court over the local hiring and workforce participation policy which has caused an unnecessary delay.  Yesterday, the City prevailed over the legal challenge.  However, delays because of the lawsuit are possible.  To prevent further delays and meet the U.S. EPA mandated timelines for construction while still incorporating the local hiring and workforce participation policy, the Mayor has decided to pursue this alternative construction plan.  This will permit the City to proceed with the projects on a timely basis.

This ordinance will authorize the Director of Public Service, if necessary, to obtain proposals from qualified construction managers, and also enter into a Construction Manager At Risk Contract.  The Construction Manager at Risk will complete its portion of the work at a fixed price.       The City will use its employees for items such as survey layout, site work, traffic control, cleaning and maintenance of the roadways.  Some of the city residents that the City trained to get CDL licenses will be hired by the City of Akron to work on this project.  The City estimates its portion of the Rack 15 work will amount to over 12% of the project costs.  


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