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Akron Mayor Plusquellic Proposes Plan to Respond to Further Ebola Incidents in Akron


Congressman Tim Ryan and Health Commissioner Gene Nixon in Agreement

City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 10-17-2014

            Today, Mayor Don Plusquellic proposed a plan to treat and limit contact with potential Ebola patients, should any of the 12 people in Summit/Cuyahoga Counties, that are under voluntary quarantine, exhibit Ebola-like symptoms.

          “It’s very simple,” noted Mayor Plusquellic.  “We ask the CDC to send a team of experts to Akron for 21 days (less now), the incubation period of the Ebola virus.  They put a plane on the ground in Akron and one in Cleveland.  Should any of the contacts that are in isolation come down with Ebola-like symptoms, the CDC’s selected team (professionals in communicable disease, and specially trained physicians and nurses) would first, treat the patient; and second, transport the patient directly to the best hospital in the country for Ebola treatment, which currently appears to be in Atlanta.”

          The Mayor further explained, “The people with any risk at all, according to the CDC, are right here in Summit and Cuyahoga Counties and under quarantine.  We know exactly where they are.  Why wouldn’t we have a team in place and ready to transport someone at the first sign of symptoms?  Why would we put our local hospital caregivers and staff at risk when it can be contained at the onset?”

          “And just as importantly,” said the Mayor, “why wouldn’t the patient want to go directly to where the specially trained experts are located for treatment?  This is the same logic for having an ambulance with trained paramedics sitting at football games – we know this is the location where the potential for injury is high and the paramedics can treat and transport an injured player immediately to a hospital.”

          This plan has garnered support from Congressman Tim Ryan who has already requested immediate support and assistance from the CDC. “It’s being prepared and proactive, rather than reactive,” stated Congressman Ryan.

          Additionally, Summit County Health Commissioner Gene Nixon supports this type of plan.

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