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Akron Finds Way to Generate Income from Typically Idle Asset


City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 01-12-2015

            The City of Akron continues to be leader in innovation when it comes to utilizing its assets to lower its utility costs.  Last year, Akron’s Water Reclamation Facility and Drinking Water Supply Facility earned over $55,000, and they are poised to earn over $200,000 in 2015, for utilizing a traditionally dormant City asset to obtain significant unrecognized revenue.   

            As required by the EPA, Akron has emergency backup power generators installed at its facilities.  These generators are assets that typically sit inactive until needed during power outage emergencies.  However, Akron has found a way to use the generators to earn additional revenue, while running the generators to insure they continue to operate effectively.

            By participating in the “Demand Response Program,” Akron makes their generators available to supply electric power to reduce both facilities’ electric loads during periods when electric utilities cannot generate enough power to meet their needs. 

            “This is just another example of how the City of Akron works hard to help keep its utility costs under control,” stated Mayor Don Plusquellic. “We are constantly searching the globe for ways to efficiently and effectively reduce costs and/or generating revenue at our utility plants, while being mindful of our environment.”  

            In addition to the Demand Response Program, in 2014 the City’s Water Reclamation Facility reduced its electric power usage by over 63% with the installation of its new Bio Energy sludge process.  And, Akron’s Drinking Water Supply Facility recently completed the installation of a new pumping control system to allow its main water pumps to operate more effectively and efficiently to further reduce its electrical needs. 

            “These projects not only help to control rate increases but also assist in reducing the City of Akron’s carbon foot print, which is known to contribute to global warming,” noted Plusquellic.


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