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Akron Police Chief Revises Firearms Review Board


Police Shootings to be Reviewed by Extended Board

City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 05-01-2015


            For almost two years now, Akron Police Chief James Nice has been thoroughly analyzing and reviewing APD’s Rules and Regulations when officers are involved in a shooting.  This week, Chief Nice issued an Order revising the Police Division’s Rules and Regulations with respect to the Firearms Review Board.  This Board has the responsibility of reviewing each incident in which a firearm is discharged by a member of the Police Division.  A report of their findings and recommendations are then submitted to the Chief of Police.

            The five Members of the Board now consist of the following:  Assistant to the Mayor for Police Matters; a Law Department Police Legal Advisor; a Police Deputy Chief; a Lieutenant in the Office of Professional Standards and Accountability; and, a Training Bureau Commander. 

            Previously, the Board consisted of three Deputy Chiefs. 

            “Before I made the decision to update the Firearms Review Board, I conducted extensive research into our system of reviewing police shootings and found them to be antiquated,” noted Chief Nice.  “I felt like the old system missed the main components needed in a good review, which includes delving into questions such as: is there is a violation of a law; is there a violation of the department's rules and regulations; and, are the tactics employed consistent with those of the department?  As such, it just makes sense to add a member of the legal department, internal affairs, and training.  I also found through my research that this is the industry standard with respect to Firearm Review Boards.” 

            The Firearms Review Board only makes a recommendation to the Chief of Police.  As per the City’s Charter the Chief remains responsible for final determination in officer involved shootings. 


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