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Veteran City of Akron Cabinet Member to Retire By Year End


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City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 04-25-2014


          Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic announced today that veteran cabinet member Bob Bowman is retiring by year’s end. Bowman, who has been serving as Deputy Mayor for Economic Development since 2004, is retiring due to the new OPERS changes that kick in this year.

          Under the previous law, public employees with 10 years of service are fully vested for health care purposes after retirement.  However, the new law requires 20 years of service beginning January 2015 for that benefit.  Certain employees with 10 years of service providing the mandatory 2014 retirement notice to their employers are not affected by the new requirement. 

          Bowman began his career at the City of Akron nearly 10 years ago, after serving as Senior Vice President of Economic Development for the Greater Akron Chamber, previously the Akron Regional Development Board. He held that position for 16 years.

          “Bob has been a great asset to the City of Akron and has done a fantastic job of attracting companies and bringing jobs to our residents,” said Mayor Plusquellic.  “He is a devoted, hard-working public servant who had the knowledge to run our Economic Development Department successfully and efficiently.  I am losing a great employee and good friend.”

          “I have been honored to serve under Mayor Plusquellic’s leadership for the past 10 years,” said Bowman.  “I really appreciate the Mayor’s confidence in me, in allowing me to expand and develop the City’s economic development program into a full service development plan, consisting of business retention, attraction, and creation. I have also enjoyed working with, and have been impressed by, the talent and professionalism of the many great council representatives, cabinet members, and city employees.  Akron is a great city with unlimited potential.  I am pleased to have played a small part in its success over the years.”

          Moving into the position of Deputy Mayor for Economic Development is veteran Deputy Planning Director for Economic Development Sam DeShazior.  DeShazior, who also came to Akron via the Greater Akron Chamber, has worked side-by-side with Bowman for the past 26 years.

          “Sam knows the City’s Economic Development Department inside and out,” noted Mayor Plusquellic.  “There will be no transition period for him as he will seamlessly step into the role of Deputy Mayor for Economic Development.”

          Also making a move upward is Economic Development Manager Adele Roth.  She will become a cabinet member when she moves into the position of Deputy Planning Director for Economic Development, the position that is currently held by DeShazior.

          “Adele will also effortlessly transition into her new position as she has worked closely with both Sam and Bob for over 8 years,” said Mayor Plusquellic.  “She already is an integral part of our economic development team, and she has earned her new position through hard work.  I am pleased she accepted the new assignment and obligations.”

          Also, Mayor Plusquellic is renaming and filling the cabinet position Deputy Mayor for Intergovernmental Relations.  The position will be named Assistant to the Mayor for Education, Health and Families, and that position will be filled by Dr. Terry Albanese, currently Summa Health Care System’s Manager of Medical Health.

          The Mayor explains the name change as, “just a different name that better reflects what the job entails, better explains its multifaceted responsibilities.”

          As Assistant to the Mayor for Education, Health and Families, Albanese will be the City’s liaison to many agencies and organizations including the Akron Public Schools, Summit Education Initiative, Summit County Health Department, Summit County Job and Family Services, Community Support Services, Summit County Juvenile Court, Oriana House, and many others.

          Prior to serving as Summa Health Care System’s Manager of Medical Health, Albanese spent seven years conducting health services research at Summa and, before that, she taught in Community Health Sciences at NEOMED (working for Akron’s own Dr. Keck).  Albanese also represented Ward 6 as a Councilperson from 2001 until 2009, and currently serves on the City’s Planning Commission, a position she will have to resign before assuming her new obligations.

          “I am very excited and humbled about this opportunity to again work with Mayor Plusquellic,” said Albanese. “This is a way of serving the City of Akron in a very different capacity than I have before and I am looking forward to that challenge. It is equally humbling to just think for a moment about the people who work (or have worked) under the Mayor’s leadership and their long history of successes for Akron. The Mayor has created teams that have been nothing short of awesome, and now I am joining the team – that is humbling!”

          Mayor Plusquellic is also excited about the prospect of working with Albanese in this new capacity, “When Terry was a City councilperson, we didn’t agree on everything.  But, she challenges me in ways that make me think differently about issues, and she is all about making our City a better place.  Her background in health services and serving our community, unique perspectives, and passion for our City make her a perfect addition to my staff in an expanded position that compliments her strengths.”

          Albanese will start at the City upon completing some projects at Summa, which should be in about a month.  Her salary will be $105,393.60.


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