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Lockheed Martin to flly tethered aerostats


City of Akron Press Release
Published: 08-18-2015

Lockheed Martin to Conduct Tethered Aerostats Flights in the City of Akron            

       (Akron, Ohio August 18, 2015) Lockheed Martin announced the test dates for its new lighter-than-air system that will take place in the City of Akron.

Beginning in August 2015 through the summer 2016, Lockheed Martin will begin periodic test flights of its latest aerostat system. Residents of the City of Akron may see tethered balloons flying over the City of Akron; these flights will serve solely as a technical demonstration of the latest lighter-than-air aerostat capabilities.

Beginning today Lockheed Martin will be preparing to test their aerostat system by moving the mooring system and control truck out to the center of the mooring circle. On Monday, August 24, the aerostat will be brought out and connected to the mooring system.  Lockheed Martin is planning on aerostat operations from August 24th through the 26th

 The balloon will be tethered at Akron Fulton Airport near Derby Downs.  It will be silent, and, per their FAA permit, the aerostat will be tethered at an altitude no higher than 800 ft. during daylight hours only, when VFR conditions are in effect. The aerostat should only be up a short period of time and then reeled back in to the mooring point.

Lockheed Martin delivered its first lighter-than-air-based persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems to the U.S. Navy more than 75 years ago. This legacy of lighter than air innovation, engineering and production has resulted in more than 300 airships and thousands of aerostats in support of military operations world-wide.


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