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City of Akron Press Release
Published: 09-08-2015


   Akron, Ohio (September 8, 2015) – The City of Akron announced that it has recently deployed a modern customer service request system to manage its 311 Call Center.

The new software is called: “CITYWORKS” and replaces the 11 year old customer service system. This web-based software allows City staff to capture service requests ranging from pothole repairs and animal issues to reporting junk vehicles or requesting sanitation services.

Previously citizens could only call the 311Call Center from land lines to ask questions or to request city service. This new software allows people in Akron to reach the Call Center by calling 311 from either their land line or their cell phone, as 311 cell phone calls are also now immediately transferred to the Call Center.

Akron’s Call Center has handled between 150,000 and 175,000 calls per year for the last several years. The most frequent calls are trash related issues, followed by snow and ice, pot holes, grass and weeds and animal complaints.

When he was Akron’s Deputy Service Director, now Akron Mayor Jeff Fusco led the steering committee, met with vendors, and visited other cities to observe their customer service call centers before Akron’s opened in 2004. Of this new software system he said: “This system has given the Department of Neighborhood Assistance the ability to streamline and automate their procedures for handling nuisance complaints for such cases as tall grass/weeds, zoning, or trash complaints. This new system will enable us to provide even better 311 service to our citizens.”

This is part of a multi-phased approach to modernize Akron’s citizen support system, and, as a long-term investment, the “CITYWORKS’ software will allow Akron’s IT staff to maintain and expand the application without the need for direct contractor support.

This new system is geo-centric providing fully interactive mapping capabilities allowing City staff to geolocate service requests.

That means it provides the ability to visually analyze service needs across the City by directly utilizing the City's GIS mapping and database technologies.

 In the second phase of implementation, Akron will deploy a mobile friendly web site which will permit citizens to directly input specific information to the proper department and staff member, further reducing response time.

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