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City Reaches Agreement with U.S. EPA on Steam System


City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 04-24-2014


     The City of Akron has reached an agreement in principle to settle an air pollution lawsuit that was just filed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency today.  Under the terms of the proposed settlement, Akron will shut down the coal-burning boiler that generates steam for two of Akron’s hospitals (Akron General and Akron Children’s Hospital) and the downtown business district.  The City has until September 30, 2015 to shut down the coal-burning boiler.  What will replace that boiler is currently being discussed with Children’s Hospital and will be determined at a later date.

          Akron has not admitted violations of the Clean Air Act as part of the proposed settlement.   Penalties as high as $37,500 per day may be assessed for violations of the Clean Air Act.  As part of the proposed settlement though, Akron has agreed to pay a settlement of $75,000.  The City has also agreed to acquire a piece of property that adjoins the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and to then donate that property to the National Park Service.  The cost of the property is $400,000, which the City will pay over the next three years.

          The public is invited to comment on the proposed settlement.  At the conclusion of the public comment period, U.S. EPA and the City will jointly ask the Court to approve the settlement.


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