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Akron Fire Department Awarded Fire Prevention and Safety Grant


City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 07-25-2014


          City of Akron received notification that its Fire Department was awarded a Federal Fire Prevention and Safety Grant.  The grant will be used to purchase and install smoke alarms, conduct home safety inspections, and provide a safety DVD that will be available in several languages to a number of citizens.  The Federal Grant will provide $83,963 to the City, with the City contributing $4,419.   

          “Our project is designed to reduce the number of fire related deaths and injuries by lowering the number of homes in our community that are not adequately protected by smoke alarms,” stated Fire Chief Rob Ross. “Our long term goal is to have smoke alarms installed in 100% of our city’s residential occupancies and this grant is a step toward reaching that goal.”

          With these funds, Akron hopes to reduce by 10%, the number of homes in Akron not adequately protected by smoke alarms. The City is also seeking to heighten the use of strobe light/audible smoke alarms for its hearing impaired citizens. 

          In addition to smoke alarms, over 500 homes will receive a home safety inspection, a fire safety DVD, and a safety tips poster designed by the Public Education Section of our Fire Prevention Bureau.

          “Thank you to those in Congress, and especially Congressman Ryan and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, and FEMA/The Department of Homeland Security for understanding our need and desire to make Akron safer for our citizens,” said Mayor Don Plusquellic.  “Without help from our federal partners, many of these projects simply would not come to fruition or would be delayed.”


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