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City of Akron Press Release
Published: 10-19-2015

City of Akron Partners with Simple Recycling For Curbside Textile Recycling Program

            Akron, Ohio (October 19, 2015) – Recycling for clothing and textiles will be available for curb service customers in the City of Akron starting next Monday, October 26, 2015.

The clothing and textiles will be picked-up on the normal trash and recycle collection day. Curb service customers were sent a Simple Recycle postcard last week briefly explaining the program and the basic items that will be accepted inside the green recycle bags. The green bags will be provided to Akron’s residential customers in a second wave of mass mailings this week.

Simple Recycling will pick-up up the green bags of clothing on each customer’s normal trash/recycle collection day. The green bags are to be place on the curb 3 to 5 feet from (not in) Akron’s trash and recycle bins. Simple Recycling will supply replacement green bags to those participating in this program.

Akron’s Mayor Jeff Fusco said that he “continues to encourage our employees to investigate and implement new innovative programs like this in order to provide better service to our citizens.”

As part of the growing list of cost saving green initiatives, the City of Akron and Simple Recycling are partnering in this new, easy, and free service for Akron’s curb service customers. Acceptable recycling items include clothing, shoes, bedding, linens, socks, other textiles, and accessories. 

This service will be provided entirely by Simple Recycling at no cost to Akron or its citizens. It will actually generate revenue of a penny per pound (or $20 per ton) for textiles collected. The total savings to the City of Akron when adding in the solid waste disposal fees will be around $66 per ton. The average person throws away 68 pounds of clothing per year. Clothing and house wares account for approximately 10 percent of the municipal waste stream. 

“It’s a good way to keep reusable materials out of the landfills.  Clothing is 100 percent recyclable, but 85 percent still ends up in landfills,” said Representative Bill Wilk of Simple Recycling.  In Summit County, Norton, Bath Township, Green, Boston Heights, Northfield Center, Richfield Township, Twinsburg, Cuyahoga Falls and Tallmadge have all joined in this recycling effort.

 “We are not trying to take away from charitable organizations, and strongly encourage people to continue to donate to charity,” said Robert Harris, City of Akron’s Solid Waste & Recycling Manager. “But, Simple Recycling will prevent clothing and textiles that would otherwise be thrown in the trash from ending up in a landfill.”

For more information, please visit the Simple Recycling website ( or contact Bill Wilk, [email protected] or 440-591-3879.

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